Witch wolf and giant 01-1-

The Giant hiding behind a hill during Series 1, the time when he had small eyes.

Angry Giant-1-

Giant with the King (Emporer) and his son (Prince) during a Series 4 episode Diamonds and Toads. That time his eyes got bigger.

The Giant is a character type in Wolves, Witches and Giants.


The giant first appeared on the story Billy Goats Gruff. His eyes were small until the 3rd Series where his eyes got bigger.


The giant appeared to be forceful and liked to do tough manly things. He had a very good sense of smell. He was so big that his footsteps echoed like thunder throughout the land.


  • "You'll be hearing for my solicitor!"
  • "Fee Fi Fo Fum!"
  • "Fee Fi Fo Fum! I smell the blood of an Englishmen. Fee hee and I of P-E-N! I'm going to dispose to make my bread!"
  • "Oh Yum, Yum!"
  • "You'll be aiming for my solicitor!"

Individual GiantsEdit

  • Long Golden Haired Giant
  • Enormous Giant
  • Tall thin lady giant