The Witch is a character type in Wolves, Witches and Giants.


The Witch first appeared in the story, Hansel and Gretel.


The Witch's evil trick is to use her evil magic spells to play mean tricks on people. She was very mean and demanding. She was seen in some stories as a cook and her techniques of cooking was terrible like in Dick Whittington when she made the nastiest pies and in Princess & the Pea when she made a spider cake on the Prince's eighth birthday. She definitely kidnapped people in the episodes, when in The Witch who Stole a Prince she kidnapped a Prince from his palace and a little girl from the supermarket.


  • "Ahha Ha Haaaa! Ah ha ha!
  • "Cauliflower,pastry,treacle,and jam! The wickedest witch in the world who I am Ha ha haaa!"
  • "Yaaaaoooowwww!!!"
  • "You poor children, what brings you here? Come inside and stay with me. I will not harm ya! Heh Heh Heh Heeehhh!!!!!!
  • "Child." (She called children that in some stories)
  • "What do you want!?"